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Labour's Smith calls for post-Brexit special status for Northern Ireland

Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary Owen Smith has called for Northern Ireland to effectively be left inside the European Union after Brexit.

Mr Smith made the comments at a Labour Party conference fringe event organised by Sinn Fein, The Times reports.

At the event he called for Northern Ireland to left "within the EU and as part of Britain" - saying that such an approach would serve as a solution to post-Brexit issues.

The issue of Brexit has proven a difficult one at the Labour annual party conference in Brighton, with a vote to back Labour's official policy on Brexit only passing after its ruling body released a motion to counter accusations it hadn't allowed attendees to voice their views.

Its official Brexit policy makes no mention of special status, but states that the party will not support any future introduction of a hard border between Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Special status for Northern Ireland has been something that has been pushed for by both Sinn Fein and the SDLP.

In June Irish Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney set out his post-Brexit vision in which Northern Ireland remained a part of the Customs Union.

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