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Prime Minister Theresa May and Enda Kenny meet for Brexit talks in Dublin

Prime Minister Theresa May has met with Taoiseach Enda Kenny in Dublin to discuss Brexit.

The border between the UK and Republic of Ireland is one of the key priorities as the UK leaves the EU.

Earlier this month as the Prime Minister set out her 12 objective Brexit plan, Mrs May said maintaining the common travel area between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland was a priority during the negotiations.

Mrs May said that "no-one wants to return to the borders of the past".

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During their meeting they discussed the current political crisis in Northern Ireland.

Speaking afterwards Mr Kenny said: "We have once again reiterated our joint and continuing commitment to the Good Friday Agreement and its Institutions and our shared desire to see a fully functioning Executive back in place as soon as possible.

"I emphasised to the Prime Minister the importance of finding a way forward on outstanding commitments, and in particular on issues like the Legacy Institutions under the Stormont House Agreement, and the Irish language.

"We will maintain very close contact over the coming weeks and we both hope that the current election campaign will be calm and respectful."

Mr Kenny continued: "We considered the enormous challenges that Brexit presents for Northern Ireland given the unique circumstances that apply there, including its particular geography and history.

"We are agreed on the importance of our two governments working together to ensure that the framework of the Good Friday and successor agreements is fully preserved in the upcoming Brexit negotiations and outcomes. We discussed the necessity of ensuring the continued free flow of trade on the island and the need to avoid a hard border.

"I made clear that, in my view, any manifestation of a hard border would have very negative consequences. For our part, we will continue engage with our EU colleagues on the challenges of Brexit for the peace process, as well as issues arising from the nature and depth of the unique economic and trading ties between Ireland and the UK.

"Our two governments are agreed that a close, and friction-free, economic and trading relationship between the UK and the EU, including Ireland, is in our best interests."

The meeting follows the joint ministerial summit in Cardiff where the DUP and Sinn Fein met with the Prime Minister.

It was attended by DUP leader Arlene Foster and Sinn Fein's leader in Northern Ireland Michelle O'Neill.

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