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SNP's Nicola Sturgeon slams Farage over 'vile, racist' Brexit migrants poster

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon called for the poster to be withdrawn, describing it as "vile and racist".

Speaking on the Murnaghan programme on Sky News, she said: "In these last few days I hope we can have a debate that doesn't focus on immigration.

"Yes, people's concerns about immigration need to be addressed, but let's also make the positive case for a world and a Europe where we all have the freedom of travel and the positive case for immigration and the benefits that brings to our economy.

"On that point, the poster that Nigel Farage unveiled last week was vile and racist...and I hope he does agree today to withdraw that poster, because that kind of sentiment has no place in a civilised debate."

Ms Sturgeon continued: "My argument is let's deal with the impact, let's invest in housing and public services rather than blame immigrants or take a view that we should somehow close our borders. Inward migration is good for our economy."

She added: "Let's have a balanced and proper debate about immigration, not one in which people's legitimate concerns are exploited in a way that is designed to encourage people to turn inwards.

"That is what the Leave leadership I think have been doing and I think it is deeply regrettable."

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