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Theresa May accused of caving in to hardliners

By Staff Reporter

Amid stormy scenes in the Commons, Remainer Anna Soubry accused Mrs May of “caving in” to Eurosceptics.

The Tory former minister said: “Nobody voted Leave on the basis that somebody with a gold-plated pension and inherited wealth would take their job away from them.”

Amid the turmoil, the Government tabled a motion calling for the current parliamentary session to be cut short.

MPs will vote on whether to start their summer recess on Thursday instead of next Tuesday.

The move is likely to outrage many members of the public concerned about the divisions over Brexit and ticking clock counting down to exit day.

But an early holiday would stymie Tory MPs plotting against the increasingly politically fragile premier.

Mrs May told MPs the Brexiteer amendments she accepted did not change her Chequers blueprint for Brexit.

But Labour MP Stephen Kinnock said the Chequers deal was now “dead in the water”.

Mrs May faces further danger on Tuesday, with pro-EU Tories tabling amendments to the Trade Bill, which returns to the Commons.

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