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What were MPs voting on, and how did the Brexit motions fare?

Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn

Amendment 1: Labour’s twin track approach

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The official Labour amendment calls for MPs to be able to vote on options to stop a no-deal exit, such as a customs union with the EU, as well as the possibility of a new Brexit referendum. Mr Corbyn has been careful not to commit Labour to officially back such a poll, though.

for: 296

against: 327

lost by 31

Amendment 2: The SNP amendment

Ian Blackford's amendment, also backed by Plaid Cymru, calls for an extension to Article 50, the rejection of a no-deal Brexit and states that "the people of Scotland should not be taken out of the EU against their will".

for: 39

against: 327

lost by 288

Amendment 3: Grieve amendment

In a bid to prevent a no-deal Brexit, Dominic Grieve's motion would wrest control of Commons business from the Government for six days in the run-up to March 29 to help MPs reach a consensus on how to handle it. Mrs May said it and Yvette Cooper's amendment posed constitutional problems.

for: 301

against: 321

lost by 20

Amendment 4: Taking control

Jeremy Corbyn has backed a move by Labour ex-minister Yvette Cooper to delay Brexit in order to allow more time for a deal. If there's no deal by February 26, MPs would get a vote on delaying Brexit to the end of the year and preventing a no-deal exit.

for: 298

against: 321

lost by 23

Amendment 5: Extension if no deal

Another cross-party amendment, tabled by Labour's Rachel Reeves, would require the Prime Minister to seek an extension of Article 50 (without specifying for how long) if no deal had been reached by February 26.

for: 290

against: 322

lost by 32

Amendment 6: No to no deal

A cross-party effort headed by Tory Dame Caroline Spelman and Labour's Jack Dromey rejects the UK quitting the EU without a Withdrawal Agreement. But Mrs May told MPs: "Unless we're to end up with no Brexit at all, the only way to avoid no deal is to agree a deal."

for: 318

against: 310

passed by 8

Amendment 7: Brake on backstop

Mrs May has thrown Government support behind an amendment seeking to replace the backstop with unspecified "alternative arrangements" to avoid a hard border. Tabled by Sir Graham Brady, Mrs May said it would give her a mandate to demand changes to the Withdrawal Agree ment.

for: 317

against: 301

passed by 16

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