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Who cares about border in Ireland so long as we are out of Europe? - Nelson McCausland

Nelson McCausland
Nelson McCausland

Nelson McCausland has said that the price of Brexit - whatever it may be - will be worth it.

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Since last year's momentous vote to leave the European Union there has been uncertainty over what that will look like especially in terms of the border between the Republic and Northern Ireland.

DUP veteran politician McCausland said that whatever the price and however the border looked after exiting the EU, it would be worth it.

He was speaking on Nolan Live on Wednesday night.

"Whatever sort of border there is, the fact is we are going to be out of Europe and I welcome that," he said.

Mr McCausland said he could not say what sort of border there would "because I don't know".

"People knew very well what they were voting for," he said.

"I wouldn't care what sort of situation I face as long as I'm out of Europe."

Asked if this was the party position, A DUP spokesman said: "We are proud of the role played by the DUP in supporting the leave campaign. We were the only major party in Northern Ireland to have campaigned for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union.

"The Prime Minster has made clear her desire for frictionless cross-border trade and there will be no return to the borders of the past. We welcome that commitment and we will work with the Government in London and not against them to secure a good deal for Northern Ireland.

"Northern Ireland should have a seat at the Brexit table but Sinn Fein’s actions have meant our voice is not being heard as strongly as it should. Only the DUP can ensure Northern Ireland's voice is heard."

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