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Britain's illegal antics revealed

Britain is a nation of rebels and risk-takers when it comes to the law, according to research.

Four in 10 adults admitted they are happy to commit a crime by using a mobile phone when driving, while 24% confessed to stealing from work.

And a cheeky 33% of respondents revealed they have had sex in public.

The 3,000 respondents were asked if they ever broke the law, how often and how prepared they were to do so again.

Participants were also asked if they realised they were breaking the law at the time.

A total of 14% of those polled have driven while drunk, with a frightening 28% of them having done so five times or more.

Some 7% of adults had assaulted someone and just under a third confessed to taking illegal drugs. A further 36% admitted to parking illegally.

The survey was commissioned by crime drama channel Alibi to celebrate a week of "This Time It's Personal" -themed programming.

Even in the comfort of their own homes, Brits are willing to break the law, with 15% of adults admitting to watching TV without a licence and a further 35% confessing to downloading music, films or pornography illegally.

Building on this alarming picture of Britain as a law-breaking nation, 7% admitted leaving a restaurant without paying their bill, while 18% have shoplifted and one in 10 admitted eating food around the supermarket and not paying for it.


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