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British Army cleric in Afghanistan: killing is ‘morally justified’

British soldiers in Afghanistan should be prepared to die in a “fight against the evil of fundamentalism”, the senior chaplain in Helmand province has said.

Padre Mark Christian said killing “to defeat evil” was “morally permissible”.

He said: “In a perfect world, the world that God intended for us, we would all live at peace with each other. But we don't live in that world, we live in a fallen world where evil exists and it is the obligation of all good people to confront evil and to defeat it where they can.

“Unfortunately that necessitates us in doing things like killing, which in the abstract is wrong.

“But when you are doing that to defeat a greater evil I think it is morally permissible, but it requires soldiers to have a very, very high degree of understanding of morality.”

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