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Brits are 'friendly and soccer-mad'

Asylum seekers find most British people polite, welcoming and obsessed with football, according to a survey.

And the best things about living in the UK are not only the friendly locals and our national sport, but also British TV, the poll found.

X-Factor and EastEnders along with news bulletins were the top three TV programmes favoured by refugees and asylum seekers.

Half of those polled said either the Queen or Princess Diana was the British person they most admired, with 41% choosing David Beckham.

The nationwide survey questioned 327 refugees and asylum seekers exiled from their homes and families by war and human rights abuses in countries such as Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and Afghanistan.

Refugees are those granted the legal right to live in the UK, while asylum seekers are people awaiting permission from the Home Office for leave to remain.

More than half said they either strongly agreed or tended to agree that the average British person welcomed refugees to the UK.

The poll was commissioned by the charity Refugee Action as part of Refugee Week, starting.

Peter Yoak, a refugee from war-torn Sudan, who now lives in Bolton, Greater Manchester, said: "I find that most British people I meet are welcoming, friendly and polite. Of course you find a couple who are not like that, but that is the same everywhere. As a nation though, I think Brits are tolerant and kind.

"The Queen is a respected public figure the world over and I am a big admirer of hers."


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