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Brothel discovered in Fermanagh town

Two people have been arrested after police swooped on a brothel in Fermanagh.

A house in Old Rossorry Park, a residential area close to the Sligo Road in Enniskillen, was searched after police were alerted by people living in the area.

It is understood the operation, which took place on Friday, followed complaints that men had been calling regularly at the property.

Officers discovered that the house was being used allegedly for the purposes of prostitution.

A woman, understood to be a foreign national, has been reported to the Public Prosecution Service for allegedly running the brothel.

A man has also been reported for trying allegedly to pay for services in the brothel.

PSNI inspector Roy Robinson said that local residents were pleased that the brothel has been closed.

He said there was “great consternation” in the area about the activities which have been taking place. Police have appealed to landlords to be vigilant about who they rent their properties to, and said they should report any concerns.

Enniskillen SDLP councillor Frank Britton said that the discovery of the alleged brothel had shocked residents.

“I am shocked that this sort of activity has been going on in Enniskillen,” he said.

“This activity is normally associated with cities, but Old Rossorry Park is a quiet, residential area and there are a lot of families who live there.”

Mr Britton said he was very concerned that vulnerable young women were being lured into the sex industry in Northern Ireland.

“My personal fear is that a lot of these cases are linked to human trafficking, although we don’t know that it’s the case in this instance.”

“There seems to be a trend where vulnerable women are brought into this country and coerced into the illegal sex industry.

“They lose their freedom and their safety is placed at risk,” he added.

Meanwhile DUP councillor Cyril Brownlee commended the police for their swift action in closing down the brothel.

“Nobody in that area wants this type of activity on their doorstep, and nor do we want it in the town of Enniskillen.”

“This is the first time I have heard of a brothel operating in Enniskillen or indeed Fermanagh, and it is a worrying development,” he said.

The existance of brothels, and indeed the police’s subsquent raids on them, is not unusual in Belfast but locals were shocked at the disovery of one in their area.

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