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Builder who chopped off intruder’s ear walks free

A father who defended his family from drug-crazed thugs by wounding one of them with a samurai sword was yesterday cleared by a jury of criminal behaviour.

David Fullard (46) was prosecuted for attacking the strangers who forced their way into his home and threatened to rape his partner and kill his two teenage children.

The builder, from Brough in Yorkshire, insisted he was a desperate man acting in self-defence and struck out once with the ornamental sword because it was the only weapon to hand.

The blow almost severed the ear of one of the men — who had threatened him with a chrome knuckleduster and a spade — and it was left hanging by a flap of skin.

The prosecution refused to accept his actions amounted to lawful self-defence and argued it was ‘over the top' to attack a man with a ‘battlefield weapon'.

The two thugs involved were both high on a cocktail of drink and drugs at the time, the court heard.

But after a five-day trial at Hull Crown Court, Fullard broke down in tears as he was found not guilty of unlawful wounding and walked free.

The verdict brought to an end a nine-month ordeal endured by the family man who had been facing the threat of an eight-year prison sentence.

Speaking after being cleared, Mr Fullard said: “You cannot stand around and do nothing when someone comes to your house and starts threatening your family.”

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