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Burglar who attacked police is sent to prison

A ‘creeper burglar’ who left a trail of destruction before being arrested has been sentenced to three years and three months’ detention.

Brian Glen not only stole a set of car keys and other goods, but also took the family car and crashed it through a set of electric gates. He then smashed into another vehicle and assaulted police personnel when being arrested.

Belfast Crown Court heard yesterday that 21-year-old Glen, of no fixed abode, never seriously intended to contest the charges, although he had not pleaded guilty at the first opportunity.

Defence lawyer Kieran Mallon added that Glen agreed to serve a year’s probation on his release.

He also promised to live at approved accommodation, and was “deeply remorseful for his behaviour” in spitting and attacking police.

Prosecuting lawyer Philip Henry said that Glen was arrested in Knockbreda Park after smashing into a vehicle with a Seat car he had taken from a house in the nearby Knocknagoney area in the early hours of September 25 last year.

Mr Henry said that in addition to taking the Seat car and causing £4,000 worth of damage to a set of gates as he made his escape, he had also taken two cameras and a prescription, all of which were recovered on his arrest.

Judge Tom Burgess said Glen was guilty of a “spate of offending that morning” during which he had invaded a family home.

Judge Burgess added that the courts had made it clear that “the home of a person is sacrosanct”, and a place where they should feel safe from such an invasion.

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