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Businessman denies ‘teaming up for rape’

A property developer has denied he worked as a “team” with Jack Tweed to rape a teenager they had targeted as the “quiet one”.

Anthony Davis (26) said he walked into the bedroom of Tweed, widower of Big Brother star Jade Goody, and “enjoyed” seeing them having sex.

He told a court in east London that he pulled his trousers down after he saw the woman “leaning back” and looking towards him.

She then performed a sex act on him, he claimed.

The court heard Davis had stood in front of the door of Tweed's bedroom, in Woodford Green, east London, and prevented the woman's friends from entering.

Davis, of Chigwell, Essex, and Tweed (22) both deny rape.\[s.alexander\]

Wearing a dark blue suit, Davis denied he was “rude” or “aggressive” and added: “I don't see myself as cocky.”

He said he had to gone Tweed's home after a night at a pub on September 3.

The alleged victim also went back to the address with three of her friends.

Davis told the court he went into Tweed's bedroom and saw him having sex with the woman.

“I just went back in to see what was going on,” he said. “I could see her against the window and Jack was standing in front of her.

“She had her left leg up. Jack was kissing her, she was kissing him. She had her arms around his shoulders.

“From the position of her leg, I assumed they were having sex.”

He said the pair “progressed to the bed” and then described seeing the woman “looking” at him.

“She was leaning her head back, looking at me. I was standing in front of the door,” Davis said.

“The door opened. It hit the back of my foot and I didn't move out of the way. I just stood there. Her friend said through the door: 'Are you all right?'.

“But she didn't respond and then (the friend) said something along the lines of 'I'm not leaving until I see that you're ok'.

“She said: 'Yes, I am fine'.”

Davis described how he “stepped in closer” after seeing the woman “extend her right arm” as she lay on the bed having sex with Tweed.

“She was leaning her head back and looking directly at me,” he said. “I stepped one step closer. She extended her right arm, not fully, towards the back of the bed.

“I undone my trousers and came another step closer and she put her hand on my penis.”

She then performed oral sex for about “10 or 20 seconds”, he said.

Asked why he initially entered the room, Davis replied: “I just stood there. I suppose I was enjoying it.”

He added: “I wasn't spying. I was under the impression that they both knew I was there.”

Davis said the woman “wasn't particularly drunk”.

Asked what “state” she was in when she left the address a short time after the episode, he replied: “The same state she was in when she walked in.”

He added: “She seemed pretty normal.”

At hearing.

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