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Cameron: We will cancel passports of British jihadis


David Cameron announced the planned new powers in Canberra

David Cameron announced the planned new powers in Canberra


David Cameron announced the planned new powers in Canberra

Controversial new powers to cancel the passports of UK nationals who travel abroad to fight for the Islamic State (IS) terror group are to be included in a counter-terrorism Bill to be tabled in Parliament this month, David Cameron has said.

The legislation will block individuals from returning from Syria and Iraq to the UK for at least two years unless they comply with strict measures, which could include being escorted back to Britain and then facing prosecution, bail-style reporting conditions, deradicalisation courses or subjection to Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measure orders (Tpims).

Border guards and airport police are to be given new powers to seize passports from individuals they suspect of planning to travel abroad for terrorism.

And the power will be extended to under-18s in response to fears of indoctrinated British teenagers going to the Middle East to volunteer for terror gangs.

During the first few months of this year, the highest proportion of Britons travelling to Syria and Iraq to fight were aged between 16 and 21.

Airlines will be ordered to comply with a "no-fly list" of individuals barred from travel to the UK because of suspected involvement in terrorist activities and to use interactive electronic data systems capable of receiving instructions to offload or to screen any passenger. Any airlines which bring banned individuals into the country could face civil penalties, including the removal of the right to land in the UK.

Mr Cameron announced the proposals in a speech to the Australian Parliament in Canberra, with the aim of making them law by the end of January.

Mr Cameron said: "We have to deal with the threat of foreign fighters planning attacks against our people.

"We will shortly be introducing our own new Counter-Terrorism Bill in the UK.

"New powers for police at ports to seize passports, to stop suspects travelling and to stop British nationals returning to the UK unless they do so on our terms.

"New rules to prevent airlines that don't comply with our no-fly lists or security screening measures from landing in the UK."

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