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Big Spring Clean: Join the anti-litter army set to sweep across the country

By Linda Stewart

It's spring at last - and it's time to tackle the detritus that has gathered over the winter months.

We want to galvanise tens of thousands of people to roll up their sleeves and take part in the Big Spring Clean.

Last spring an incredible 105,819 people lifted litter as part of the huge campaign - more than double the number of volunteers from the year before. More than 127 tonnes of waste were removed from our neighbourhoods, beaches and countryside.

We've joined forces with Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful to ask people to show their love for the place where they live.

The Live Here Love Here campaign draws together government, local authorities, Tourism Northern Ireland, community groups and individual volunteers to form an unstoppable force for change on litter by cleaning eyesores, sprucing up overgrown spaces and changing attitudes to make littering unacceptable. Ian Humphreys, chief executive of Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful, said: "We look forward to another exciting Big Spring Clean - we can all get out and do our bit to show that we live here and we love here.

"We're very proud of the hard work all of the volunteers put in and it is truly excellent to see that local environmental quality is being improved with the support of schools, volunteers, sports groups and local businesses within the community. We live in a great country, with some fantastic communities and world-class open spaces, but too often the carelessness of others means that litter plagues our environment.

"Our Big Spring Clean is the opportunity for everyone in Northern Ireland to join the fightback against litter.

"We want to call on everyone who lives here and who loves here to join us.

"Let's not pretend that we can ignore the scale of the litter problem we face.

"We can all play a part in cleaning up our treasured local spaces by taking part in a Big Spring Clean."

If you register your Big Spring Clean online at www.liveherelove, you will be sent a free clean-up kit.

The group recently launched the Live Here Love Here campaign, designed to tackle poor environmental quality, littering and dilapidation by encouraging volunteers to take practical action in their local communities.

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