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Thousands get online to pledge their support for city

If public support counts for anything, then Londonderry should romp home in the City of Culture race.

Derry may be the smallest contender of the four finalists but the online public backing has been overwhelming for the city when compared to its rivals.

The Londonderry City of Culture Facebook page has attracted over 7,000 fans — with none of the others getting even close to such support.

Despite having a population five times that of Derry’s, Sheffield’s Facebook page has just 2,185 fans, while Birmingham has mustered 1,668 fans and Norwich has a mere 30 members on its culture bid page. A spokeswoman for the bid team in Derry said: “As well as making the headlines in newspapers and the airwaves, Derry’s online bid has taken on a life of its own with 7,000 people signed up to the Facebook group, and Twitter and the blogosphere buzzing with chat, debate and opinions about the bid.

“There are really easy ways to get involved and we’re looking for your support so visit for more information.”

Despite the obvious public backing for the Maiden City bookmakers have made the city the rank outsider.

The book has now closed on bets with Norwich the clear favourite at 13/8, followed by Sheffield at 9/4 and Brimingham 5/2 — up from 3/1.

Derry is languishing in last position at 4/1.

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