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Carer in the Community - Adam Kaleta

Presented by Baroness May Blood

Adam Kaleta is an inspirational young man and his proud mother’s hero. The caring Newtownards teenager was just six-years-old when he first took on the huge responsibility of looking after his much-loved mother Katrina, who is a wheelchair user after suffering spinal injuries in a horrific car accident as a young woman.

The 17-year-old bio-medicine student said it’s “second nature” for him to look after his mum.

Making the Difference judge Baroness May Blood presented Adam with his “well deserved” award.

She said: “This is so well deserved. I think Adam is an absolutely wonderful person.

“He is the sort of person in Northern Ireland who does things that nobody ever gets the chance to hear about.

“Only his immediate family know about what he does and I think it’s great to see him recognised in this way.”

Adam usually takes everything in his stride, but he was overwhelmed with joy and buzzing with excitement when he came off the stage at the Grand Opera House, holding his precious Carer in the Community award.

“I’ll be showing my award off and polishing it every day!” he laughed.

“I’m slightly light-headed. It’s amazing. I never thought I would win. I was shocked to be nominated at all.

“This is incredible. My mum is absolutely ecstatic.”

And she was. Katrina Kaleta said: “I’m proud as punch. It’s lovely he has got recognition for all the work he does.

“Adam’s at my side all the time and it was lovely to let people know that he is one of the teenagers doing a lot more than people think.

“Adam and my daughter Shauna are both amazing and I couldn’t be prouder of both of them.”

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