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Making the difference 2012: Best street

The residents of Henry Street in north Belfast showed “grit and determination” when they opposed plans for a phone mast to be placed near their homes.

Once the New Lodge community was aware of a planning application they immediately formed a working group to fight against the proposals, spearheaded by resident Alana McGarry.

As part of their campaign they collected more than 300 objection letters and attended numerous community meetings.

Nominator, Councillor Nichola Mallon, said she was “amazed by their sense of community spirit and pride”.

“This wasn't opposition for opposition’s sake,” she said.

“They spent a considerable amount of time researching the evidence and all of the pros and cons of situating a phone mast in a built-up residential area.

“Too often we read about the breakdown of community and neighbourly bonds. The residents of the Henry Street area have shown that in their street, this is certainly not the case.

“Their battle against the specific location of this phone mast beside their homes continues.”

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