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Let's show off Northern Ireland's wonders

Today we are launching a new series on the Seven Wonders of Northern Ireland, highlighting what it is that makes the province a unique place to visit or to live in.

Over the next month, personalities with their roots firmly in Northern Ireland - even if some have forged an international reputation abroad - will give their perspective on the province.

They will be endorsing their favourite aspects of life here, be it the scenic wonders of the Mournes, Fermanagh's Lakeland or the north coast, or some other location which holds a special place in their hearts.

For others it will be the people which they hold most dear - their warmth in times of trial, their humour, their creativity or their stoicism in the face of adversity.

Too often the image of Northern Ireland is distorted by the actions of a few, creating a false impression of what life is really like here on a day-to-day basis.

This newspaper has decided to redress that imbalance by bringing to our readers - and a global audience through our digital editions - what it is that makes our contributors so proud to say that they are from Northern Ireland.

Ruth Burns, Destination Marketing and PR Manager with the Northern Ireland Tourist Board, said: "More and more people are realising what a great place Northern Ireland is, whether they are visitors from overseas or people living here discovering and enjoying the many great attractions on their doorstep.

"Northern Ireland sometimes gets a negative image, but it has much to offer as a tourism destination. It is packed with things to do.

"A growing number of people have been choosing to holiday at home and, in doing so, they are discovering the many hidden gems as well as our more popular, well-known attractions."

How you can shape the Seven Wonders

So what do you, the reader, think makes Northern Ireland special?

As our series runs every day over the next month we invite readers to vote on which landmark or aspect of life here as detailed by our celebrity contributors that they most agree with.

At the conclusion of the series this will enable us to draw up a list of the Seven Wonders of Northern Ireland — the things that really make Northern Ireland great.

Your choices can be sent to Belfast Telegraph, 124-144 Royal Avenue, Belfast BT1 1EB or alternatively send an email to

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