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There is unease in the Derry air

The Belfast Telegraph Tell Us About It roadshow was in Londonderry yesterday as former US President Bill Clinton visited the city’s Magee Campus of the University of Ulster.

We spent the day at the Diamond finding out the issues concerning the city’s people..

Later in the Millennium Theatre, Belfast Telegraph editor Mike Gilson was joined by Foyle MP Mark Durkan, mayor Colum Eastwood and Jim Sammon from Londonderry Chamber of Commerce for a Question Time-style debate.

Time after time the people we talked to declared their passion for the town they love so well.

But there are serious issues. Given Derry’s high levels of unemployment the issue topped the agenda for many.

Gemma Arnett said: “I am finding it almost impossible to find a job so unemployment has to be the big thing for me.”

Mickey Doherty from Creggan thinks more pressure should be put on MLAs to fight for jobs.

He said: “If the Telegraph wants to campaign about something, you should be campaigning for decentralisation. Although if things keep going the way they are Belfast will soon be full of Derry folk working, so that wouldn't be too bad.” The other major concern is the level of anti-social behaviour and with Operation Exposure — the PSNI initiative where CCTV images of young people they want to speak to — making the headlines in recent days there were strong opinions.

Sheila McGuinness said: “I don't have any great love for the police but if you are getting tortured living in your own house you want something done and if that means printing the pictures of these boys, so be it.”

Brigid McAteer had her car damaged by thugs: She said: “I get cross when I read about how the rights of these cubs must be protected. But in my opinion if you lift a brick to throw it at someone’s car or break windows then you give up your rights.”

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