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War on Waste: A simple case of waste not, want not

The Belfast Telegraph has declared War on Waste and is inviting its readers to expose abuse of |taxpayers’ money in Northern Ireland. |Here’s what some of our readers have said so far

Sick leave abuse is ridiculous, public sector policy on sick leave should reflect that of private sector. The public sector can allow six months full pay and six months half pay — this is too much and it encourages people to take advantage. If you worked in the private sector or you ran your own business you could not abuse sick leave because you would not get paid. Senior grades that abuse their positions by not actually doing their job. Talking most of the day, having unnecessary meetings and creating more unnecessary work then staying late and claiming for overtime when they could have done their job in one day if they had sat at their desks and done their work.


I witness housing benefit fraud on a daily basis and have tried reporting it to my area manager but nothing is done. Also contractors billing for work which they never done.


Timekeeping is not monitored meaning thousands of hours of lost work by those leaving the building for smoke breaks, leaving early, taking long lunches, doing messages to the bookies/shops during core hours etc. Internet access also eats up a lot of certain civil servants’ time. Last week a colleague explained how she had done all her Christmas shopping online during work already.


Excess money at the end of the year being used to purchase unnecessary equipment so that they don't have to hand (the cash) back to the Treasury. People not pulling their weight and threatening management with harrassment if they are challenged. Extortionate expense on administering and monitoring sick leave when they could maybe just not pay occupational sick pay for the first few days off — that would certainly help stop people going off on the odd ‘sickie' day.


The Government promotes the idea of the paperless office and if printing of documents are required to use

double- sided paper to save money. Yet at the end of every month they insist each supervisor prints off 70 — 80 A4 pages of management checks which are already held securely on PCs. Then multiply the thousands of supervisors/managers by 70 and this is ultimately an astronomical waste of taxpayers’ money.


Free hairdressing, aromatherapy treatments, being sent outside (at a cost) to computer courses when there is a computer teacher on site, free weekly magazines, Sky TV. Why should prisoners get all this when most hard-working people and pensioners have to pay for these? Someone should ask these questions from the Minister responsible for Prisons


The Civil Service wastes money on jobs such as Premises Officer and Computer Support Officers. All these people do is basically put you in touch with someone on a fortune to resolve it. If every office dropped these two jobs the savings would be £500,000 a year.


I am an ex-employee of the courts service. Some, if not all, senior management use and/or have used taxis at public expense for personal use. The whole thing is too top heavy — if they are going to cull staff the place to start is with the over paid and underworked managers from Staff Officer grade and above the civil service over for it is these people who impede the REAL work being done!


Ex-employees who come back and are appointed as consultants. In most instances these employees have been awarded consulting contracts that have ran for longer than their employment with the department. It's considered internally as a way to get round the pay grading system and most are friends of management, the waste is incredible. Typically these ‘consultants' are paid more than ten times what a person employed by the department is ... completely nuts.


Tell us about waste where you work

With public funding coming under massive pressure, the call is going out to people to flag up inefficient practices where they work and live.

That applies to public sector employees and the many hundreds of thousands who use public services on a daily basis.

Instances of waste in the private sector are also very much welcomed.

Reporting cases could not be easier — just complete the form below to make your point.

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