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Cardinal: I salute Church of Ireland’s gospel move

The Catholic Primate Archbishop Sean Brady has warmly praised the Church of Ireland during a special service for members of the annual General Synod.

Speaking in St. Patrick's Protestant Cathedral in Armagh yesterday he said that he saluted the Church of Ireland "in addressing key strategic issues in relation to the legacy of conflict in an increasingly multicultural Ireland."

Praising the Church's initiative in establishing its ‘Hard Gospel Project’, the Cardinal said: “Sectarianism is a shared problem, and not an exclusively Protestant one. Racism is a human problem, and not an exclusively loyalist one.

“It is just as likely to manifest itself among Catholics across this island, as it is among any other group. I say this, aware that some Catholics do not believe this. This in itself indicates the extent of the problem."

The Cardinal said that he was conscious that his invitation by the Church of Ireland Synod to share in the service yesterday had “its own historic and symbolic significance”.

Cardinal Brady said: “I believe that this island — north and south — is a deeply religious island” and that the present is an opportune moment “to play our part in trying to heal, once and for all, the hurts of the past.”

Members of the General Synod met over the weekend to consider a range of subjects, including finance, education and topics concern the church and society.

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