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Caroline McElhill’s 999 plea

Operator: Which service? Caroline: Help me

(A voice in background screams ‘help’)

Operator: Do you need fire, police or ambulance?

Caroline: (Inaudible) service

Caroline: My eyes is (inaudible)

Caroline: I’m burning run

Caroline: He(lp), help

Operator: Connecting you to the fire service

Caroline: He’s k...(inaudible) us

Caroline: Omagh, Lammy Crescent our home help

Operator: Can you get out?

(No further response from caller)

Operator: Can you hear me?

Operator: Can you leave the house?

Operator: Are you in Lammy Crescent, Omagh?

(A scream is heard in background)

Operator: Hello, fire service here, are you in Omagh?

Operator: Hello, hello fire service here.

Operator: Can anybody hear me?

Operator: Can someone speak to me please?

Operator: Can you hear me?

Operator: Pick up the phone

(Another scream is heard)

Operator: Whereabouts are you, can you hear me?

(A gasping noise is heard)

Operator: Are you in the bedroom?

(A smashing noise is heard)

Operator: Can you close the door between you and the fire?

Operator: If you are at 4 Lammy Crescent we have someone on the way to you.

Operator: Can you hear me?

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