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Catholic Church ‘visionary’ foresees internet as way ahead

The Catholic Church is crumbling at this time of great change — and people should pray for Pope Benedict who is under great threat from Satan.

That's the latest word from the Virgin Mary who has apparently finally cottoned on that the internet might be a good means of spreading the message.

That is of course as long as it is done through “visionary” Dubliner Joe Coleman.

Coleman, who attracted up to 10,000 people last year at Knock in Mayo when he claimed the Virgin Mary would appear, only managed to lure 200 followers last Tuesday when he again claimed there would be an apparition.

“She gave me a fantastic message but I'm not going to reveal it today. Our Lady has called for a national rosary in Ireland, but I will reveal her message tomorrow on my website. Its www.knockapparitions.com,” he said, helpfully.

Coleman put up the message, which was received in two parts. Some of it appeared to be good old-fashioned fire and brimstone: “My child, stay calm for the great storm has not arrived yet.

“When this happens, my child, they who do not obey my Father's Commandments shall be sucked into the darkness of Hell for all eternity. Those who obey, believe and respect my Father's will shall be in the eternal grace of God for ever and ever — for it is written, my child, in my Father's book.”

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But the message was also bang up to date: “My church is crumbling at this time of great change.

“My people must come in multitudes to reclaim what belongs rightly to them — my most holy sacred chapel where within I dwell, the Father and the precious son Jesus the Christ.

“Tell my children to pray even harder now for Pope Benedict as he is under great threat from Satan. Your prayers will help. All my children must pray for him.”

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