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Charlotte Caldwell tells Loose Women that other mothers need help too

By Gerald Lennon

Charlotte Caldwell, who has been treating her 12-year-old son Billy using cannabis oil appeared on the talk show Loose Women on Tuesday.

This comes after doctors were given a 20-day licence to administer the drugs that Mrs Caldwell brought to the UK from Canada.

Mrs Caldwell told the Loose Women panel that "Billy is doing extremely well" following the Government's decision to give back his cannabis oil, after it was originally confiscated.

The conditions are that Billy must visit the Westminster hospital twice a day to allow a doctor to administer the medicine.

During the interview Mrs Caldwell thanked Home Secretary Sajid Javid, for the role had played in returning her son's medicine and stressed that other mothers are in similar situations.

"These mothers, I've walked in their shoes, I'm still walking in their shoes, they need the help too."

Billy was prone to suffer seizures as a result of his epilepsy but Mrs Cadlwell says he managed to go 300 days without a seizure when he was taking the oil.

The mother and son are scouting the streets of London looking for an accommodation that is suitable for the two during Billy's ongoing treatment in London.

In a statement a spokesperson for the Home Office said: "The government will be establishing an expert panel of clinicians to advise ministers on any applications to prescribe cannabis-based medicines.

"The expert panel will be able to start considering applications within a week."

Charlotte welcomes the announcement and wants to work with Mr Javid but explains that this is not something they can sit on for weeks on end. 

"We have got to now end this suffering and we've got to end it today," added Mrs Caldwell.

Charlotte does not think medicinal cannabis is a cure for epilepsy but believes the medicine gives her son a "quality of life".

The medicinal oil is administered through a syringe under Billy's tongue, and Mrs Caldwell says it is as easy as giving her son calpol.

She asked that the Home Secretary to look at kids and the parents who are suffering on a daily basis due to the law on cannabis in the UK.

Mrs Caldwell said: "Lets erase the suffering, not just for Billy but all the kids across the country."

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