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Chat show Tubridy riled over Gerry Adams IRA remarks

Gerry Adams' appearance on RTE’s Late Late Show sparked controversy after he made remarks about host Ryan Tubridy's grandfather's connections to the IRA.

The Sinn Fein leader made his comments about the show’s host's family during an interview on the programme on Friday night.

The Sinn Fein leader made his comments about the Late Late Show host's family during an interview on the programme last night.

Mr Adams appeared on the show to discuss the allegations of abuse levelled at his brother Liam, as well as the abuse suffered by his own siblings at the hands of their late father.

After this was discussed, Tubridy quizzed him on his involvement in the conflict in Northern Ireland.

"Did you ever lose a night's sleep because of the activities of the IRA?" Tubridy asked him.

"I think that's a glib way to put it if I may say so," the Sinn Fein leader replied.

"Some people are watching tonight saying 'that man has blood on his hands', do you have blood on your hands?" Tubridy continued.

"No, I don't, and you might as well say that your grandfather had blood on his hands," Adams said.

"I was wondering were you going to bring that up, if you want to go glib Gerry, let's go glib," Tubridy replied.

Later in the interview, Adams told Tubridy the reason why he brought up his grandfather in the course of the interview.

"I wasn't being glib when I was talking about your grandfather, because you're obviously proud of your grandfather he was a member of the IRA, he opposed the treaty," Adams said.

Tubridy said that his grandfather had served with the IRA "in a very different time."

"I'd say if you looked into the audience, you could do a hands up and find at least a third of them had relatives that were in the old IRA."

"I don't think the comparison is remotely fair," a statement which drew applause.

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