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Chef delivers baby outside restaurant

Chef Ger Reidy didn't think twice before rushing to the aid of a heavily pregnant woman who went into labour outside his Co Sligo restaurant and bar.

More used to delivering seafood dishes, the quick-thinking father of three delivered baby Maria Okosyukivsky safely into the arms of her mother in the back of an Opel Corsa, even using white tablecloths to keep her warm.

Ger (51), who had never been present at a birth, sprang into action when panic erupted outside Laura's Seafood Restaurant and Bar in the north Sligo village of Carney on Sunday.

A neighbour had been driving Ukrainian parents, Oxana Murashkevych (40) and Stan Okosyukivsky (41) to Sligo General Hospital at around 4.30pm when Oxana's waters broke.

"Everybody was in a bit of a state. They were all running but they were running the wrong way. I knew somebody had to do something. It was just impulse," Ger explained.

Just 10 minutes after the drama began, the healthy 7lb 2oz baby girl was in the arms of her mother.

Last night, Ger and his wife Geraldine visited the proud parents and new baby at Sligo General Hospital to convey their congratulations.

"It was magical to see such a lovely little baby. She is so beautiful and so healthy. It is wonderful to have been a part of something so special," he said.

Delighted mum Oxana, who has two older children, praised the chef, who managed to reassure her throughout her ordeal.

"It happened very quickly. He just opened the door. He gave me a towel. He gave all the information and said don't worry," she said.

Ger, a chef for many years, was alerted to the situation when neighbour Sinead Kiely rushed into the restaurant looking for his wife Geraldine.

"I saw the poor girl in labour. Her waters had broken. Geraldine went for help and I asked Sinead to remove the lady's lower garments and get her in position for delivery and I rushed back inside and got two tablecloths.

"By the time I came back outside, the baby was well on its way. I was on my knees on the gravel leaning into the car and Oxana was giving birth on the back seat. It was all over very quickly," he said.

"I didn't even know whether it was a boy or a girl because I was concentrating on keeping her warm."

Ten minutes later, an ambulance arrived and whisked mother and baby off to hospital.

Source Irish Independent

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