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Christine Bleakley all set to water-ski across English Channel

Northern Ireland's Christine Bleakley is all set to embark on her challenge to water-ski across the English Channel for Sport Relief today.

The One Show presenter will hang on at approximately 20mph for the entire choppy 22-mile stretch to France — across the world's busiest shipping lane.

Ulster girl Bleakley was due to make her attempt on Wednesday but was forced to postpone her bid due to forecasts of gale force winds.

But health and safety and weather officials have given her the go-ahead for an early morning send-off.

Organisers of the Thomson Sport Relief Water Ski Challenge said Bleakley aims to set off “first thing”.

Temperatures will be a miserable 7C, organisers said, with the wind chill below freezing.

Her efforts can be seen on The One Show tonight.

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