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City council sets up floods advice centre

An advice centre is being opened in north Belfast today for people living in the Belfast City Council area affected by the flooding.

Special arrangements are being made to open part of the Grove Wellbeing Centre between 10am and 5pm for council staff to provide information and assistance.

It is anticipated that representatives from other agencies including the Housing Executive, Social Services, Citizens’ Advice and the insurance sector attend.

A council spokeswoman said: “The advice centre will initially be based at the Grove Wellbeing Centre as calls to our emergency flood helpline today would suggest that the north of the city has been one of the worst affected areas, and has the most people who have been forced to leave their homes.

“However we will begin to get a clearer picture of the extent of the problem in the coming hours and days, and will continue to assess the situation and decide if similar arrangements will be put in place in other parts of the city.”

Staff operating an emergency flood helpline yesterday for people whose homes had been affected logged about 165 calls.

Meanwhile, the Grove Wellbeing Centre won’t be open for normal use today as damage has been caused by the rain and parents are also advised that this week’s summer scheme has been cancelled.

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