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Clockwatching at work again, Billy?

By Victor Gordon

Maybe Billy Ferris didn't time it quite right as he ran up the clock - and past it - on one of Ulster's most famous towers.

Unlike the mouse in the famous nursery rhyme, the clock didn't strike one as he ran up the clock - it was quarter-past-12 - as steeplejack Billy shinned up St Mark's Tower in Portadown.

His job was to examine the stonework to make sure it was safe and sound and was not falling down.

And he had to aspire to 100 feet each time as he scaled all four sides of the tower. A piece of masonry fell recently and, in the interests of health and safety, the select vestry of St Mark's selected Billy, from Wilson Steeplejacks in Newtownabbey to do a thorough inspection.

Still, hanging around at 100ft is nothing to a man who has scaled the 600ft of Kilroot Power Station.

Give him enough rope and he'll hang around anywhere...

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