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Conjoined Irish twins’ TV fee ‘isn’t for medical bills’

The family of conjoined Irish twins Hassan and Hussein Benhaffaf have quashed reports that they are filming a documentary to cover their sons' medical costs, insisting that the small fee “wouldn't even pay for the boys' monthly dressings”.

Cork couple Angie and Azzedine Benhaffaf are currently being filmed by an ITV crew at Great Ormond Street Hospital where the four-month-old twins, who were born conjoined on December 2, are recovering from their separation surgery.

But a source close to the family revealed they were disappointed by reports they agreed to the documentary to help pay their massive medical bills.

They will reportedly receive only a minimal fee from ITV that will not cover a fraction of the costs incurred by the complex separation procedure.

A family friend insisted that Angie and Azzedine were motivated purely by a desire to produce a record that will be helpful to parents of other conjoined twins in the future.

Hassan and Hussein were separated last Wednesday in a marathon 14-hour operation led by Cork-born Dr Edward Kiely.

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