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Councillors told to keep swine flu at arm’s length

Ulster councillors will be instructed to try to keep swine flu at a distance if the |pandemic worsens over the winter.

Councillors in Ballycastle-based Moyle Council will be told to keep a one-metre |separation distance between themselves and other people if swine flu takes a grip in north Antrim.

That is official guidance as part or a risk assessment |prepared for councillors ‘should the pandemic worsen’.

In the event of a major swine fly outbreak, Moyle councillors were told in a Council guidance pack: “Where practicable, direct contact should be avoided and where possible to keep separation distance of one metre between themselves and the public.’

And the advice states that if swine flu sweeps through Moyle, councillors should limit visits to constituent’s homes and instead make telephone calls.

And again if swine flu does worsen in Moyle a reduction or cancellation of non-essential Council meetings will be brought in and increased use of teleconferencing considered.

Last month we revealed how smokers in the Moyle district council area are being told to stub it out in their OWN homes before any visit by council staff.

The move is design to protect employees from exposure to second-hand smoke.

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