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Countdown: TV anagram that nobody counted on

Hosts of C4 quiz show Countdown had red faces when the F-word popped up by surprise.

Numbers girl Rachel Riley cringed as the letters U, D, F, C, K, E all came up in the contestant's selection. Viewers sat with bated breath in case the two contestants decided to go for the obvious six-letter Anglo-Saxon expletive — and trigger complaints.

The swearword was among nine letters including A, G and O in the list. But contestants spared the blushes by plumping for safe five letter words instead — ‘caged' and ‘faced'.

And the programme was spared from further embarrassment when presenter Jeff Stelling went to dictionary corner with a glint in his eye and a familiar smirk. Stelling, expected the worst as he asked expert Susie Dent: ‘Any advance on five?'

But she dug out seven-letter words of ‘dogface' and ‘dockage'.

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