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Belfast man Matthew Magill accused of threatening to kill brother


The 25-year-old appeared before Belfast Magistrates’ Court on Saturday

The 25-year-old appeared before Belfast Magistrates’ Court on Saturday

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The 25-year-old appeared before Belfast Magistrates’ Court on Saturday

A man accused of threatening to kill his brother told police he would “do time” for it, a court has heard.

Matthew Magill is also charged with assaulting his mother during what was described as a “violent and frightening” attack on his family home in Belfast.

The details emerged as the 25-year-old appeared before Belfast Magistrates’ Court on Saturday on eight charges following an incident on Friday.

Objecting to him being released on bail a police officer told the court officers attending the property on Thursday following a call by his mother to have him removed from the house.

The next day they were called out again following calls by the woman and the Magill’s 15-year-old sister when he returned and allegedly started kicking the glass panel of the front door.

Just before the officers arrived Magill had allegedly managed to smash the glass of the door but his mother and father blocked him from entering the property.

The officers saw that Magill had a brick in his hand but when told to drop it he refused and police had to bring him under control.

During the incident Magill is claimed to have shouted: “You better let me in, I’m going to kill him.”

The officer added that as a result of the incident his mother required five stitches to one wound while two others had to be closed with medical glue.

Magill was arrested and charged with two counts of common assault, assault on police, resisting police, making threats to kill, possession of an offensive weapon, namely a brick, trespass and disorderly behaviour.

During interview Magill allegedly said: “God help them, that’s all I’m saying. I’ll do time for them, trust me.”

Magill’s solicitor told the court that he had given a full account of the events to police with an appropriate adult present as he has attention deficit issues.

He said had access to a room in a hostel on University Street in Belfast as a bail address.

However, District Judge Amanda Henderson refused bail describing the details before the court as a “frightening and violent attack on his family” and a citing a risk of reoffending and a potential for interference with witnesses.

The case was adjourned to December 8.

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