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Criminals face losing ‘bling’ in online auction

Imagine logging on to the internet only to find your flat-screen television and Rolex watch all being sold to the highest bidder.

It is the stuff of nightmares, but something criminals all over the UK could soon be facing.

Leicestershire Constabulary announced on Saturday it made over £20,000 in two months after posting gangster “bling” on the internet auction site eBay in a pilot scheme.

Five other constabularies now hope to do the same, with the possibility of the programme being rolled out across the country.

The items, which included a BMW X5 worth £9,000 and even a caravan, are luxuries the crooks bought with “dirty” money made from their crimes. Ordinarily, the goods would go to a traditional auction but the internet is cheaper and easier.

“Every force in the country could trial something like this,” said a Leicestershire Constabulary spokesman.

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