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Crossbow cannibal 'was studying Jack the Ripper'

Since Stephen Griffiths' arrest over the murder of three prostitutes a picture of an introvert and a misfit has come to light.

A criminology student who was researching serial killers, he would reportedly stroll around in a long black leather coat and boast he was doing a PhD in Jack the Ripper.

The 40-year-old bachelor and mature student at Bradford University was apparently nicknamed “the weirdo”. While neighbours referred to him as an “oddball”, a “loner” and a “Goth”, reports alluded to a series of bizarre habits.

Under the alleged alter ego of ‘Ven Pariah’, he is said to have visited a website featuring pictures of more than 50 serial killers including Ian Brady, Myra Hindley and Fred and Rose West.

Other web pages set up by the suspected murderer apparently detailed dozens of notorious killings.

Griffiths, who is believed to have a psychology degree, lived alone close to Bradford's red light district.

He had apparently been renting a shabby third-floor flat in a converted mill for a number of years.

And a former neighbour said: “He suffered from depression. He said he was doing a PhD in murder and Jack the Ripper. He also said he had a girlfriend in Shipley.”

Others said he had few friends and rarely went out.

“He would go out and make friends with some of the prostitutes and streetwalkers that ply their trade at the bottom of the road and they seemed to like him and he was always in conversation with them,” one neighbour said.

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