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Crymble told to accept her guilt

Husband killer launches challenge to conviction

By Deborah McAleese

Husband killer Jacqueline Crymble was today told "enough is enough" after she refused to admit her guilt by ignoring an appeal judge's decision and launched a second legal challenge to her conviction.

The unrepentant Co Armagh murderer - who is currently serving a life sentence for murdering her husband Paul with the help of her former lover Roger Ferguson - continues to insist she is innocent, despite being told by a judge she has no grounds to appeal.

Crymble had instructed her legal team to apply for leave to appeal her conviction. However, the Belfast Telegraph has learned that the application has been refused after a judge decided that the "volume and strength of evidence against Mrs Crymble meant that it could not be thought that her conviction was unsafe".

The 37-year-old has also been denied leave to appeal against her sentence.

Her legal team argued that the minimum 20-year life sentence handed down by Mr Justice McLaughlin last year was "excessive" and "wrong" .

They also claimed that different levels of sentencing between Crymble and Ferguson - who was told he must serve at least 18 years of his life sentence - was unfair.

However, a spokesman for the Northern Ireland Court Service today said the judge considering the appeal application "did not accept the assertions on behalf of Mrs Crymble that the tariff set was 'manifestly excessive and wrong in principle' or that the distinction and level of tariff between the appellant and the co-accused was wrong in principle and unwarranted given the levels of culpability of Mrs Crymble and of the co-accused".

But, the Telegraph has learned that Crymble still refuses to admit her guilt and is planning to lodge a second application for appeal with three High Court judges.

Her solicitor Pat Kelly, from McConnell Kelly & Co Solicitors, today confirmed: "We are applying to go to the full court to seek an appeal but we have not received a date as yet."

Following the revelations, Paul Crymble's best friend Jim McFarland said it is about time Crymble owned up to what she did.

"Enough is enough. This was a clear cut case from start to finish. She murdered Paul, a kind and caring man, with no remorse."

He added: "I am not the slightest bit concerned about her lodging all these appeals as she is clearly guilty. All the evidence is against her. But I wish she would just admit what she did instead of all this play acting. She is just clutching at straws."

Crymble and Ferguson murdered father-of-two Paul Crymble on Father's Day 2004 so they could set up a new life together with his life insurance money.

They tied him up with cable ties and suffocated him with a black bin bag before dumping his body in the back of the family car and abandoned it along a lane close to their Richhill home.

At the end of the murder trial Mr Justice McLaughlin told Crymble that her betrayal of her husband was of "biblical proportions" and that she was guilty of the "ultimate act of treachery".

He said that she would serve every day of her sentence and warned her that when her term is complete she is still not guaranteed to be released.

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