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Dad wants dog put down after son is bitten nine times

Boy receives four stitches in vicious attack

By Linda McKee

The family of a nine-year-old boy who was mauled by a dog close to his south Belfast home have called for the animal to be put down.

Sean Paul Benson received four stitches in hospital after he was bitten nine times by the animal, which belongs to a relative living in the same street in the Lower Ormeau area.

He suffered bruising to both arms, a cut to the torso under his arm, bruising to his stomach and a bad bite to his upper left arm, after he raised it to shield his face during the vicious attack two weeks ago.

Sean's dad Stephen told the Belfast Telegraph that the mongrel dog has already attacked three people and needs to be put to sleep because it could develop a taste for blood.

"The girl that has the dog won't put it down, but it has bitten three people previously. If my dog had bitten someone I'd have put it down. I don't agree with what she has done," he said.

"Sean Paul was round playing with his cousin, and the girl that owns it asked them to call it in. They called it in and it attacked him - it just jumped on him and bit him."

Sean Paul explained: "I was round helping them get it in and was petting the dog and it just jumped up and started biting me."

Mr Benson said his son is too scared to go past the place where the dog lives.

"The girl's driving past and giving us dirty looks - because her dog bit him," he said.

Mr Benson said he had reported the attack to Belfast City Council but the dog was still in the area.

"I am not after money or anything - all we are after is to get the dog put down. There are a lot of kids round this area. Next door there is a disabled child, " he said. "I've had dogs in the past. I've had dogs my whole life - I have a Jack Russell, a Labrador and two Staff out the back. But if they snapped at someone, if a dog bites and draws blood and starts biting, it has the taste for blood."

It is understood that Belfast City Council's dog warden has visited the owner and the animal is being kept muzzled while the council decides what to do.

A council spokesperson said: "The incident was reported to us and is under investigation."

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