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David Coulthard brings Red Bull Formula 1 to streets of Belfast

By Heather McGarrigle

The streets of Belfast city centre will look more like Silverstone tonight.

The City Hall and the surrounding streets will be temporarily transformed into a Formula One fan’s fantasy.

Former racing star David Coulthard could hit speeds of up to 190mph on the BT1 roads as he demonstrates the power of a new Formula One car. Thousands are expected in the closed-off streets to witness the one-off event.

Starting at the Black Man monument, the former F1 favourite will zoom through Wellington Place, Donegall Square North, Chichester Street and Donegall Square East. The hair-raising half-hour spectacle will finish at the law courts.

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Belfast is one of only two cities worldwide hosting the Red Bull City Limits challenge. The Northern Ireland capital and Caracas in Venezuela were chosen for the international launch of Red Bull’s new Formula One car, the RB6.

The 13-times grand prix |winner is set to put on a thrilling |performance, which will be the |finale of a packed day celebrating the high-octane sport.

Before he gets behind the wheel, enthusiasts can have a look at the RB6 up close. It will be on display at Stormont this morning between 9am and 10.30am.

Later in the day there will be a chance for a rare glimpse behind the scenes of Formula One. The Red Bull garage will be open to the public between 12pm and 4pm at the City Hall, where the car will once again be on display.

Visitors will be able to see what goes on at the F1 paddocks before races and during pit-stops to get a car ready.

Red Bull’s chief technical officer promised the evening’s event would be a memorable spectacle. Adrian Newey said the talented driver was on a mission “to show you exactly what these machines are made of!”

The setting will be unusual for the Scot, who spent 14 years as an F1 driver whizzing round world-famous tracks like Monaco, Silverstone and the Nürburgring. He raced for Williams, McClaren and Red Bull Racing and has claimed 62 podium finishes in his career.

Mr Newey said Coulthard will put on “an unforgettable display of speed, power and control when he brings the car, literally, for a spin along the streets of Belfast.”

Streets will be closed off for the daring display, with traffic and pedestrians redirected around the site between 6.15pm and 9pm.

Disability access will be available via Wellington Street, leading to a dedicated viewing area at the north side of Wellington Place.

Late car parking will be available at Dublin Road (NCP), Grosvenor Road (McCausland), Hope Street (Days Hotel), Montgomery Street (NCP) and Victoria Square (Q-Park).

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