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David Dimbleby misses Question Time after testy bullock encounter

David Dimbleby last night missed hosting Question Time for the first time in more than 15 years after he was injured by a bullock in a farming accident.

The presenter, who recently officiated over BNP leader Nick Griffin's appearance on the show, was knocked unconscious on Wednesday when the animal reared as he loaded it on to a trailer.

Radio 4's Today programme presenter and Mastermind quizmaster John Humphrys will temporarily replace the 71-year-old on Thursday's edition of the show.

Dimbleby was knocked out only briefly but required stitches for a gash to his head. He was treated for concussion and was said to be "recovering well".

He remained in hospital on Thursday as a precaution because of the head injury but is expected to return home soon, the BBC confirmed.

He thanked medical staff for their care and said he looked forward to returning to the programme next week.

"I haven't missed a Question Time in over 15 years. Trust my wife's bullock to take me out. I'll be giving bullocks a wide berth in future," he said.

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