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De Lorean bid to get cash for ad campaign

Secret documents reveal failed car magnate John De Lorean attempted to have millions of pounds of Government money pumped into a joint advertising campaign that he would spearhead to promote both the car and Northern Ireland tourism.

The maverick car mogul spent months approaching Government officials in the run-up to the official launch of the iconic gull-winged car.

The purpose of the ads was to promote products of Northern Ireland origin to US consumers.

But confidential letters and correspondence just released by the Government show major concerns were felt by ministers about the suggestions.

In a letter to the Department of Commerce in 1979, De Lorean said that it would be desirable to set aside a fund to “acquaint the world with the craftsmen of Northern Ireland”.

“We would visualise a total expenditure of $10 million to launch our car with $5m from each of us,” De Lorean said.

But within a year of launching the car in Belfast the company went bust.

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