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Dead pups put through mincer to feed ferrets

Evidence that dead puppies were being put through a mincer and being fed to ferrets has been uncovered at farm in Lisburn.

Animal welfare charity the USPCA made the gruesome discovery following a tip-off from a member of the public.

Workers and officers from the PSNI visited the farm near Lisburn at around 2.20pm yesterday as part of a joint operation.

They found around 50 dogs, all mainly terriers and Jack Russells, at the premises.

The teams also found evidence that dead puppies had been put through a mincer to be fed to ferrets.

A spokesman for the USPCA told the Belfast Telegraph this morning the situation was very alarming.

“The conditions that were uncovered yesterday were pretty shocking,” he said. “I do know there were carcasses being put through and the residue was being fed to the ferrets.

“Some of the animals were removed for veterinary treatment yesterday. But the rest are still there.”

The USPCA said the discovery was shocking but cases of puppy farming were not isolated.

There has been a surge in puppy farms in Northern Ireland in recent years, the spokesman added.

“The Republic has big puppy farms and we are now getting a spin-off of these, but ones in a smaller scale,” he said. “That is equally alarming.

“They are going on in remote areas as well as in housing estates.

“We want the public to realise it’s actually the public who are fuelling these types of businesses. The reason they are there is driven by demand.

“The public has to be very aware that it is in their hands.

“If they suspect a person is running a puppy farm they should report them.”

The spokesman said USPCA officers and police would return to the farm today to remove the remaining animals.

The police have stressed that at this stage they were not aware of any offences having been committed.

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