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Death of baby girl inspired business

By Sam McBride

When Lorna and Peter Loughran's daughter, Morgan Melissa, died, Peter began writing poems about the ordeal.

The couple, who live in east Belfast, have now set up a business printing the poetry on to small cards, Life Lines.

The couple, both in their 30s, said the loss made them realise what was important in life.

" Morgan died in April 2005," Lorna said. "During the birth she was starved of oxygen and, although she was resuscitated immediately, died three days later."

Peter added: "The bottom just drops out of your world and you go into shock. At the time we said, 'We'll do anything for her - sell our house, give up our jobs, whatever it takes'; but in the end Morgan took that decision away from us. Her journey from Earth to Heaven was a very peaceful and spiritual experience, which was a blessing.

"It then led us to delve into our faith and realise what was important in life."

A few days after Morgan was buried, Peter wrote a poem.

From that and subsequent poems, the idea to produce the verses was born.

"So much of life today is about making a 'fast buck' that can be taken away in an instant. That's not what we want.

"If our words can help others it will be worthwhile. Some of the topics in the Life Lines range include friendship, respect, motivation, happiness, positivity, guardian angel, grief, hope, stress and many more. We have written a poem called Despair aimed at suicidal teens."

They have named the venture Mourne Memories after where they grew up, and are funding the it from their savings.

Said Lorna: "We hope to eventually produce a book and other inspirational material."

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