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Death toll on roads is twice that of 2012

By Chris Kilpatrick

Adam Gilmour's death was the 69th on Northern Ireland's roads so far this year - a figure which has since risen to 71.

The shocking number of fatalities is almost double the 36 people killed during the same time period in 2012, and up from 52 last year.

Road safety charity Brake urged road users to take more care to avoid further carnage.

Launching Brake's Road Safety Week, Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive of the body, said: "When drivers use roads without care for others the consequences can be tragic and horrific - people killed and badly injured, lives ruined forever, because of a moment of impatience or selfishness.

"At Brake we witness the suffering that results, daily, through our work supporting people affected by road death and injury.

"And there are wider consequences if we don't look out for each other on roads - people afraid to walk and cycle or let their kids walk and cycle, and unable to get out and enjoy their community and live active lifestyles.

"That's why, instead of making our streets stressful, risky places, we're asking all road users to look out for and protect each other, particularly the most vulnerable - that means drivers sticking to 20 or below in towns and villages, looking carefully at junctions, and being considerate."

The charity said two out of five schoolchildren here said they had been hit or nearly hit by a vehicle while on foot or bicycle.

Following Adam's death, PSNI Chief Inspector Stephen McCauley said it was imperative people take more care on our roads.

He added: "It is too early to comment on the circumstances pertaining to this particular collision. However, I am clear about the principal causes of the most serious road traffic collisions on our roads. Inattention, speed, or more accurately, excessive speed for the conditions and drink or drug driving, all lead to deaths on our roads.

"I ask everyone to take stock and slow down.

"Please make the right decisions when you are on the road. That is whether you are a driver, a pedestrian, a cyclist or a motorcyclist."

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