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Debt call to sell royal properties

Royal properties should be sold off to help pay back national debt, a study of British sentiment has suggested.

The survey showed the majority of people - 54% - would back the sale of royal residencies to tackle the country's deficit.

It found such a sell-off could generate more than £2.2 billion.

Experts said the Queen's main London residence - Buckingham Palace - was her most valuable property.

And estimates suggested the iconic landmark could raise £1.5 billion, were it to come onto the market.

Meanwhile, Windsor Castle was valued at £390.9 million; Sandringham, £125 million; Balmoral, £115 million and Clarence House at £70 million.

Property analyst Nigel Lewis said: "Selling off these properties might only be a drop in the ocean in terms of tackling our national debt, but clearly people have taken the view that every little bit helps.

"The Government keeps telling us that we need to make major cuts to reduce the deficit and nothing is sacrosanct, so perhaps it's not implausible that a couple of royal palaces could be sold off to the highest bidder."

And he said there would be "no shortage of interest", adding: "Russian oligarchs and Middle Eastern sheikhs wouldn't hesitate to get their cheque books out."

The study, by, found 60% of people were against increasing the amount of taxpayers' money given to the Queen for the upkeep of the Royal Household.


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