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Derry bar launches CCTV footage bid to shame intruder

By Clare Weir

A bar in Londonderry has started a campaign to shame an intruder who broke into the premises - with a public showing of CCTV footage of a youth 'dirty dancing' with a mop.

Police, who have released a video still from the footage, said that they are still trying to identify the culprit, who along with an accomplice allegedly broke into the Bound For Boston in the early hours of June 17.

The Waterloo Street bar last night put the CCTV footage on show to the public to the music of the Pink Panther.

In true film premiere style, it was introduced to a packed bar to the strains of the famous 20th Century Fox jingle.

During the break-in, glasses were smashed and equipment was damaged in the 3.30am incident - but manager Les Doherty had the last laugh after he reviewed CCTV images of the episode.

Mr Doherty had at the time warned the youth caught on camera dirty dancing with a mop to come forward or else the footage would be shown to the public.

When the young man failed to heed the warning, an advertisement was taken out yesterday in a local newspaper to advise the public that the film would be shown last night.

"This lad had ample time to come forward, his accomplice has already gone to the police and received a caution," said Mr Doherty.

"Nothing succeeds like success and this is a resounding failure for criminality.

"I don't really care if the guy looks stupid or not, it will be a warning to anyone else who thinks they can get away with breaking into premises and damaging other people's property - it is time for him to pay the piper."

He added today that the audience enjoyed last night's film show.

"It was absolutely amazing, people's jaws were hitting the ground. They just couldn't believe it," he said.

The PSNI said today: "This incident happened at 3.30am on June 17.

"Police spoke to one of two persons involved and are still trying to identify the second, which is the one on the CCTV stills.

"We do not believe that anything was taken, but glasses were smashed and damage was caused.

"We would appeal for that second person to come forward."

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