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Derry protest over Israeli attacks on Gaza

By Brendan McDaid

The Derry Anti-War Coalition will tomorrow be joined by a host of political parties and trade unionists at a major protest over the Israeli bombardment of Gaza.

Speakers from the SDLP, Sinn Fein, the Derry Trades Council and the Socialist Worker’s Party among others have been invited to gather at the rally in Guildhall Square calling for an end to the bombing.

The rally, being held in solidarity with similar rallies across the world this week, will get underway at 3pm.

Among other speakers will be a native of Gaza currently living in Derry.

Speaking ahead of the event, DAWC spokesman Davy McAuley said today: “More than 400 people been killed by the Israeli bombing since Christmas. We want people to show their opposition to this slaughter by coming to the protest in Guildhall Square at 3pm on Saturday.

“This will be one of hundreds of demonstrations across the world on the same day.

“The Israelis have ignored pleas from political and religious leaders to stop the killing. It’s up to ordinary people to shout out their protest. The slaughter of innocent people must be stopped.”

The UN says at least 100 of the 402 Palestinians killed were civilians, while Palestinian medical officials meanwhile have said that more than 2,000 people have been injured.

Four Israelis have been killed by Palestinian rockets fired into Israel since Saturday.

Israel’s government has repeatedly claimed it’s ongoing bombardment is an attempt to prevent militants from firing rockets into southern Israel.

Mr McAuley claimed the bombing however was not in response to Palestinians firing rockets into Israel.

“It began with the expulsion of the Palestinians at gunpoint from their homeland 60 years ago. They have lived since in refugee camps or crammed into tiny areas like Gaza — an area a sixth the size of Co Derry, with a million and a half people.”

He added: “Gaza is a prison camp. All borders are closed. The Israelis regularly cut off food, fuel and medical supplies.”

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