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Developer’s grand night out at DUP dinner

The DUP’s 2006 annual dinner was a grand affair — with all its big names there including Peter and Iris Robinson.

No-one could have imagined that a businessman present would one day be caught up in a fierce storm around the Robinsons.

Builder Ken Campbell was featured in one of 15 photographs from the event published in the glossy Ulster Tatler magazine.

An accompanying report referred to “members of the business community” being among the dinner guests at Belfast’s Hilton Hotel

A “sumptuous five-course meal” was enjoyed and entertainment provided.

Party figures present also included leader Ian Paisley, his wife Baroness Paisley and their son Ian junior.

The DUP was by this stage just weeks away from the St Andrews Agreement that would pave the way for power-sharing with Sinn Fein.

Also among those pictured was MEP Jim Allister, who would later quit the party over the power-sharing deal.

Within a year of the 2006 dinner the DUP was a principal partner in Northern Ireland’s new devolved administration

The following year Mrs Robinson obtained a £25,000 loan from Mr Campbell for Kirk McCambley’s fledgling riverside café business, the Lock Keepers' Inn.

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