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Device ‘type not seen before by Army Technical Officers’

The devices at the centre of a three day security alert in Keady are understood to be of a type never seen by Army Technical Officers.

Two mortar bombs were left in a white van parked diagonally across Davis Street in front of the village police station.

A large residential area lies behind the station which could have been in serious danger if the bombs had detonated. Meanwhile, the police station, which operates on a part-time basis, was empty when the bombs were left outside it.

Army Technical Officers took three days to make the bombs safe after they were discovered on Friday morning.

It is understood they were not big enough to cause significant damage to the police station but, by the nature of the devices, could have hit the residential area to the back of the station where around 50 people including pensioners and young families live.

Last night no group had yet claimed responsibility for the Keady mortars, but dissident republicans are suspected to be behind it.

The Provisional IRA used home made mortar bombs to a devastating effect throughout the Troubles.

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