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Diners toast Buckfast ice cream

Ice cream made from the controversial tonic wine Buckfast is proving a hit with customers at a swish Edinburgh restaurant.

Buckfast ripple ice cream is on the menu at the Englishman, Scotsman and an Irishman, or E:S:I, in Leith.

Other flavours include Irn-Bru, soda bread and Irish whiskey, and even sambuca, strawberry and black pepper.

Co-owner Paul McCutcheon from Ireland said: “The Buckfast one is pretty popular. It's not what people expect because it reduces down to be really fruity. We did rhubarb and Buckfast, which was really popular because it tasted so good.”

Scotland's other national drink is also popular. He said: “The Irn-Bru one goes down well, especially when you get people in and they're slightly hungover.”

It emerged this year that Buckfast, brewed in Devon, was mentioned by Strathclyde Police in 5,000 crime reports in three years. ‘Bucky’ is a cult drink in Northern Ireland, often dubbed ‘Lurgan champagne’.

Chef Richard Waugh — the Englishman of the restaurant’s title— added: “It's hard having a bottle of Buckfast in the kitchen. You have to try and resist at the end of a long shift.”

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